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Boy trouble

Currently single...feels like I`m always single...but I get hit on a lot. So what`s the problem???? People actually ask that, as if there is only one reason why it doesn`t work out and I haven`t found someone datable or at least doable. In my book, sex≠love. But I still consider myself to be pretty prude/picky/cautious when it comes to even fooling around.

So what`s the problem? I get a lot of "理想が高い" (You have high expectations) or "高嶺の花(だから彼氏できない)" (People view you as out of their league (so you can`t get a boyfriend)) which are pretty much complete opposites.

I wonder about 理想が高い... The guy doesn`t need to know English or be too interested in learning English. Or at least, he doesn`t need to learn English for my sake. I prefer slightly better than average looking guys that aren`t too different in age and are good at talking. I don`t really care about wealth or the person`s schooling history, but cheery and fun to be around would be nice. Someone easy to talk with and spend time with is a must and good looking guys tend to be the better talkers. Job status (ie salary) and educational history don`t matter so much. Some people I have met with impressive educational backgrounds and jobs have been really insufferable, it`s so hard to keep up conversation with them and I feel like I have to continually entertain them or we`ll fall into awkward silence or me being interrogated. I don`t mind chilling with someone I know, but that`s when I feel comfortable with the person.

"高嶺の花(だから彼氏できない)" ...Yet sometimes the weirdest guys hit on me. That and like good looking guys 22-25, but most tend to be 22 or 23. WTF, I`m almost 29. Give me a break. I guess young good looking guys tend to be bolder and thus hit on more girls. Example: I got hit on by a super cute guy around 8pm who agreed to meet up with me after the gym. Made him wait about 3 hours and he showed up one time, as promised. He ended up being 22. Darn... He was hot and nice, so I was like "Call me!" Hah, but he probably won`t. 7 years younger is a big age gap when you`re still in your 20s.

And my guys friends are ridiculous. I mean, I`m glad to have them around so I don`t feel so lonely. Friends are important. But some of them sabotage my chances with guys, say they don`t want me to date, tell me I don`t need to date, and are actually happy when I don`t sleep with a guy or reject him entirely.

I got asked out by some dude I met like once months ended up being a guy that I decided I didn`t like at all after talking with him for 30 minutes the first time I met him and his イケメン friend. This time he was sober and still really hard to talk to. One of my guy friends (who married recently) messaged me because he was worried for my safety, but also wanted to make sure I didn`t have sex with my date. Of course I didn`t. ....Yeah, he`s not the only one like that. One guy drunk that I don`t even consider that close of a friend said that even though he`s married and has a kid and can`t be with me (because I`m not generally interested in married dudes), he doesn`t want me to be with anyone. That was supposed to be a compliment, but he was being serious and really hurt (for various reasons).

What to do? Go back to walking around and window shopping in Fukuoka I guess. The weather is getting nice, might as well. Over a year ago I stopped doing that because guys approaching me would freak me out. I was too nervous (and not good enough at Japanese) to easily talk to some random person. But now I feel I can do it. Maybe go with a lady friend, but a guy will just keep practically all of the guys away. So annoying. トライしてみないとね。


I forgot part of my laptop cord at home so I can't use my laptop at the net cafe. What luck. I can used the net cafe's cubicle PC but I'd really rather not.

The beach is coming up, so looking forward to that. There 5 girls going in total and it was 4, but maybe only 2 guys. The numbers kind of suck. We`re working on it but it`s during a weekday and most people have work.

I am going out with a guy I met a couple months back. I don`t really know him too well, but he seems normal. His face is not really my type though. And why am I going out with him? M asked if I knew any guys I could invite to the beach to improve the numbers and I suggested some, but he shot down most of them. So I suggested the guy from kickboxing. M said I should get him to come to Olive`s and if the guy seemed opkay, M would invited him to the beach. But the guy probably has work...

Anway, the guy was quick to message me back and suggest a time. It will be weird if he wants to stay at my place. I will totally pay for a hotel room, taxi home, or stay out bar hopping all night until there are buses and whatnot, but I don`t want him to stay over. I don`t allow guys over unless I know they won`t do anything weird or if I`m open to sleeping with them, should they suggest it.



So my computer decided to start fucking up recently. Of course in the middle of writing part of my graduation paper. Like it overheated or what, I don`t know, but I lost the files I was working on. Tried to figure out how to recover them and it seems like I`m screwed. So my laptop either caught a bug or it`s got 熱中症???? And because of it, I stayed up all night trying to retype up what I had and fix the problem. I eventually gave up and decided to come to the net cafe. On the bright side, I had like 5 Pepsi Nex Zeros and it`s been forever since I`ve had much of any soda (besides club soda), so yeah...I`m a little loopy.

My bikini came in yesterday. I went with a brand other than Victoria`s Secret, because the one last year was a size S and too baggy in the butt no matter how hard I tied the sides AND the 2 of the 3 guys said it looked like a middle schooler swim suite. Apparently frill and skirted bikinis are okay but not pink and floral prints??? The fuck, right? ....So, anyway, I went with a blue set from Bellabeachwear, but the bikini bottom starts way lower than I expected!!Read more...Collapse )

There is a yukata party coming up, so I`m looking forward to that.

Yeah, real tired. Blah.

school and stuff

Well, this semester is just about over. Didn`t do as great as I wanted to, but writing essays in Japanese is difficult. But my last exam, was for a Western culture class that discusses culture through the ethics of that Michael Sandel book went okay because we were allowed to bring in notes and a dictionary. But reading that book in Japanese is a pain in the ass. It's an older edition so certain things I`m used to seeing written in kanji are in hiragana and vice-versa for whatever reason, the print is small, and even Japanese kids in the class get the reading of certain words in the book wrong. For example 夫妻 (ふさい) was read wrong by a classmate.

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And I`m getting in shape for the beach. I have less than a month left before we go. M invited me and some girls. He was being weird about getting people together when I asked him about it the other week and suggested just the two of us go. Dude, the beach thing was his idea, plenty of other people have mentioned wanting to go with me to the beach.

And I really think the more the merrier but he doesn`t even want a group big enough to need more than one vehicle. Right now 4-6 girls are going (including myself) and and M and a new part timer are the only 2 guys so far. I complained about the numbers and said that at least 4 guys was good. Of course everyone but me is Japanese, and I don`t mind since the girl ratio isn`t bad. But will they wear bikinis??? I bet they will wear tops and shorts to cover up.

According to some recent survey of several hundred Japanese girls, on average a lot of girls in their 20s believed that 23 was the cut off where bikinis were still okay to wear. Apparently the majority of 24 and up really want to wear one piece suits. What is that all about? Too many girls are overly concerned with how their bodies look. Too strict.

Dude, I don`t freaking care if I`m the biggest girl or whatever, I`m wearing a freakin` bikini. Just like last year, I`ll just suck it up.


Ugh, maybe I should write in Japanese... The grammar will be a little fudged, but I should try to write more. So here it goes...






Okay, that was off the top of my head and took just about 10 min to type...and I`m done writing all in Japanese for now. So anyway...

I really want to travel somewhere during summer. A friend from where I used to live in Japan called me to invite me to the beach in the beginning of August, but I`m still busy with school stuff so probably can`t go. But I will probably go for a bit. Also, I really want to go to Tokyo. My little brother is going to be doing study abroad at one of the universities for about a year starting in September and a handful of people have asked when I`d be going. I don`t know, I`m still thinking about it.

The sports club is kind of fun. I enjoy busting my ass in the gym. It really helps me blow off steam and I made a lot of female acquaintances. I know some guys too, but most guys want to flirt, so I try to avoid eye contact. But there is a cute guy or two that I wish would try to chat me up. But I usually get chatted up by guys I would never date or just plain weirdos.

For example, one guy came into the weight training area and looked at me really weird. He had his bench too close to mine, so I moved it as an obvious sign that he was too close for comfort. They while I`m trying to work out, he comes up to me and says, ”日本人じゃないでしょうね?” Ugh, 超キモ. What kind of question is that??? I`m white and have blonde hair. I just looked at him and said, ”すみませんが、ちょっと忙しいなんですが…" which I thought would be obvious enough, to which he ignores me and is like "どこの国ですか?" So I just repeated myself again and he finally understood that I didn`t want to talk to him. It was obvious from the start he was trying to hit on me, but geez, what a creep.

Anyway, enough from me.

Net cafes are creepy...

Boy are net cafes creepy. I never noticed there are sliding side panels on the cubicles...until I noticed the one to my left had been slid back a bit by the guy sitting in the cubicle to the left of me. Had my headphones on, so I didn`t notice when he did it. But when I did, I could tell that he could surely see my laptop screen and even me from that angle, which prompted me to be let out a "The fuck?" in English. I`m not doing anything but just sitting and typing but geez. Creepy.

Other than that, haven`t been up to much. Working on my final paper that`s due in Feb of next year a bit...been going to the gym, class is the same as usual, blah blah blah.

Was called out to help interpret some foreign company info for someone who works for a Japanese company who may be interested in investing. His female coworker came along...I don`t know if they`re dating but they seem like a cute couple... After the work was done, we chatted a whole lot. It was time consuming, but good Japanese practice.

Met a guy by chance at Olive`s who lives in Tokyo. He hasn`t been to Olive`s in over 3 years yet M and the guy remembered each other. The guy bout me a drink and started to talk about Tokyo. He showed me pictures of his horses, his expensive sports car and so on and said he`d show me around when I come to Tokyo. I have been wanting to go to Tokyo a bit, but I don`t know, it costs money. It`s not the first time I`ve been invited to Tokyo or offered to be shown around and treated by a guy, but he seemed like one of the more normal, less pushy sorts. Anyway who knows. More than anything else, I really want to go to the beach a couple times this summer. Only went twice last year. Maybe I can go more often this year.

I hate net cafes

Boy are net cafes creepy. I never noticed there are sliding side panels on the cubicles...until I noticed the one to my left had been slid back a bit by the guy sitting in the cubicle to the left of me. Had my headphones on, so I didn`t notice when he did it. But when I did, I could tell that he could surely see my laptop screen and even me from that angle, which prompted me to be let out a "The fuck?" in English. I`m not doing anything but just sitting and typing but geez. Creepy.

Other than that, haven`t been up to much. Working on my final paper that`s due in Feb of next year a bit...been going to the gym, class is the same as usual, blah blah blah.

Was called out to help interpret some foreign company info for someone who works for a Japanese company who may be interested in investing. His female coworker came along...I don`t know if they`re dating but they seem like a cute couple... After the work was done, we chatted a whole lot. It was time consuming, but good Japanese practice.

Met a guy by chance at Olive`s who lives in Tokyo. He hasn`t been to Olive`s in over 3 years yet M and the guy remembered each other. The guy bout me a drink and started to talk about Tokyo. He showed me pictures of his horses, his expensive sports car and so on and said he`d show me around when I come to Tokyo. I have been wanting to go to Tokyo a bit, but I don`t know, it costs money. It`s not the first time I`ve been invited to Tokyo or offered to be shown around and treated by a guy, but he seemed like one of the more normal, less pushy sorts. Anyway who knows. More than anything else, I really want to go to the beach a couple times this summer. Only went twice last year. Maybe I can go more often this year.


Well, nothing much happening recently. Some boys at school have been leering at me more than usual at school. It`s just because I stick out. White, blonde, and wear shirts that aren`t baggy but form fitting. It`s the season, I guess. Almost all too young for me to be interested, though.

Speaking of which, one of my classmates told me her boyfriend is 33. She`s 21. I`m 28 and feel like 34 is pushing it. But another mutual classmate of ours is her age and that girl said she could totally date a guy as old as 50 as long as he wasn`t fat or balding. The latter girl used to work part time as a hostess, though. Pretty much any customer would`ve been over 30.

On the way to Olive`s some random guy stopped me and asked for my number, etc. That happens once and a while, but he was a smooth talker. He asked how old I was and seemed a little surprised that I was 28. When I asked him, he said he was 23 and seemed to be telling the truth. I suggested we exchange Line information instead.

He was okay looking and seemed easy to get along with. I don`t know if I will ever see him again. 23 is kind of young and there are other guys at the gym who are probably a little older and more of my taste. Also, he lived in Fukuoka city, so meh. Maybe I can introduce him to a lady friend that would better suit him if he`s an okay kind of guy? Who knows. I agreed to exchange info as part of my being more open and more active concerning dating.

Went to Olive`s and told M and the chef. They seemed kind of surprised and made a comment that sort of thing--hit on or be hit on by someone on the street--isn`t something they`d ever experience and it must be a seasonal thing. Maybe it is.

Maybe one of the cute guys will be at the gym Wed night...

The road to a bikini body and stuff

I just wrote something and it got erased. Eh, maybe for the better. Anyway...

I have been working out, but I have amped up the effort. It will be a fun challenge. I have about 2 months before summer break starts. It`s part of the 女子力アップ thing and having an excuse to dress up better. ちょっと自慢したいかな。

There are more people at the sports club and some of the guys are pretty hot. And they seem interested in me, even though I don`t wear makeup, am a sweaty mess, and wear frumpy black gym clothes. Kind of made a policy that 友達以上関係 was a no-no with guys at my gym, but eh, might as well try and see how that works out. Better chances of it working out versus 合コン.

Speaking of mixers, I may hop into one next week, not sure. Last night I turned down the event and that was dumb luck. Something like 67 people attended, many came without prior noticed, they quickly ran out of drinking even though it was 飲み放題 and of course you couldn`t meet everyone you wanted to in 3 hours. Only 4 matches, even though the last event where half as many people attended had 5 matches.

Everyone is Japanese but me, but it`s been okay so far. No girl has been bitchy toward me at the 合コン events I have been to. But, when I have been out drinking, at a restaurant, at school it sometimes happens. Sometimes women can be very catty to people they have never talked to, but whatever. It`s pretty darn funny that my presence can piss off someone so much when we don`t even really know each other.

More TV shows and movies

Merlin - I know this has quite a fan following, but how? The costumes, sets, and special effects looks cheap and poorly done. The acting, casting, and dialog are terrible. I know it`s been around for a while, but I hadn`t seen an episode before I came to the US this time around. Yes, Game of Thrones has too much sex in it, but it`s a way better series.

V/H/S - I have wanted to see it. I like scary movies, but not so much slasher or gory ones. This movie had its gory moments, but thanks to the crappy hand held camera style, a lot of the gore isn`t clearly captured. For me it was a freaky movie, but I am a scaredy-cat so maybe that doesn`t mean much. I enjoyed the movie, but it`s probably 50% good and scary/creepy and 50% crap.

Shows I like or at least will watch if on TV: Community, Psych, Law&Order, The Soup, Tosh.0, Hannibal, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Defiance, It`s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrested Development, True Blood, Hemlock Grove, Criminal Minds, Mentalist, Bones, Bates Motel (although iffy), Supernatural, Unsolved Mysteries (nostalgia!), House, 30 Rock, Scrubs... There are limited Dish channels. Would really like the History Channel but it doesn`t seem to exist.

Catching up on TV shows and Movies

So, there are a lot of TV shows and recently movies I have been meaning to watch and haven`t, but thanks to the flight and visiting the US, I have been able to watch some stuff.

Hannibal - I thought it was going to be terrible, but it`s not bad. Kind of gory and the main guy is a trip, but the acting isn`t horrible and it`s interesting enough. I like murder mystery and detective series.

Bates Motel - I have seen a couple episodes and it`s so-so. Norma--Norman`s mom--can be very frustrating and unreasonable, but not so much that it`s unrealistic. She`s just the overbearing, neurotic, stubborn, and nagging sort. But it works for the show. And I like that they didn`t make Norman out to be a homicidal monster from the start. Hopefully the show will improve over time.

The Big Bang Theory - Holy hell is this show terrible. I watched a few episodes, thinking it would grow on me, but the show is overrated and such a let down. Pisses me off. The main characters (ie the nerds) are meant to be laughed at by the audience. They remind me of the stereotypical geek characters in TV sitcoms from the 90s, only much less likable. The show doesn`t want you to identify with the nerds, it wants you to laugh at them--their social awkwardness, "nerd/geek" hobbies/interests, etc. The laugh track makes that obvious. Even when the nerdy characters say something that isn`t funny at all, there is no punchline but something "geeky" was mentioned, there`s that laugh track--We`re supposed to think "LOL, he likes comics AND plays Dungeons and Dragons! LOL, what a loser!" Really? ...So The Big Bang Theory positions the audience above the main characters (the nerds), looking down on the geeks and laughing at their nerdiness. Yuck. Shows like Community and Psych have "nerd" characters and are much better.

Defiance – it is not bad for a sci-fi space/alien series. This comes from someone who dislikes Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, Star Gate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Andromeda, or Star Wars, but liked X-Files, the new Star Trek movie, Roswell and Dr Who. Also Firefly was okay. But yeah, Defiance isn`t bad. It has potential.

Hemlock Grove - Not an awesome series, but I liked it. Mom and I were able to easily guess who the "bad guy" was halfway through the series, but oh well, that happens. The pacing was kind of slow, but it didn`t both me. Also, making some of the murder victims men wouldn`t have hurt. It had its creepy moments and the supernatural stuff were some of things I liked about the show. The dialogue was really weird sometimes, and some of the scenes were a little too gory for me, but the gore can`t be helped since Eli Roth was the executive producer. The trailer makes it seem like it`s a horror series, but it`s not scary. I probably would watch it again.

Looper - I liked it much more than I thought I would. Glad I saw it.

Cloud Atlas - I didn`t expect this movie to be good, but I actually liked it. It continually jumps from story to story, but it`s still easy to follow. A lot is crammed into that movie and sometimes recognizing certain actors/actresses from story to story (ie reincarnation to reincarnation) was very hard if not impossible, but that doesn`t ruin the movie and you can always just look it up online later. A movie like this could`ve easily been a mess, but it wasn`t.

The Hunger Games - It wasn`t terrible but it wasn`t great either. It probably would`ve done better as a 8-10 episode TV series.

Mirror, Mirror - It wasn`t very good. It felt rushed, looked cheap, and the acting sucked. I probably would`ve loved the movie if I was under 9.

Iron Man 3 - Much better than Iron Man 2 and probably better than the 1st one. It was a little predictable but very entertaining.

Visiting home for 2013

So I`m visiting home but not too much to say. Mom pretty much went ahead and purchased plane tickets without asking me whether or not the time period was alright. Oh well. My professors are all being pretty nice about it.

Got an eye exam, my teeth cleaned, and my physical. All of things I can do in Japan, but whatever. Hadn`t been to the dentist in 3 years, but no cavities, so yay. The physical went pretty normal...except they say I grew taller, which is kind of weird. I was 5`5" (65in/165cm) forever and they say I`m 66.5in (169cm). Last year they said I was half an inch taller than I should`ve been and shrugged it off to them measuring wrong. Of course I wasn`t wearing shoes or anything and my feet aren`t calloused. So maybe it`s a case of improved posture? ...Because I weight train or whatever my torso is a little more stretched out? I`ve heard that doing squats in proper form can do that I do do squats, so... But the nurse said that it sometimes happens--people growing a bit more in their 20s. But I`m 28. I asked my chiropractor about it and he also said that it sometimes happens and not to worry about it. So I`m no longer 5`5" but 5`6"ish I guess.

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Concerning living in Japan, I think apparel is one of the more difficult things. A lot of things don`t fit me right in the US and it`s even worse in Japan.


Well, I`ve only been back in the gym a handful of times but it`s going pretty well. I`m already seeing some changes--my boobs have gotten a little smaller. Hah, oh well. It`s always like that. First a lose a little bit in the chest, then my back and arms, followed my my legs and so on. It is what it is. Exercising feels pretty good and I feel like I have more energy.

But I`m still dealing with the day after soreness. Maybe by the end of the week I should be over that. ...But I wish my gym had different ellipticals. I used to use the elliptical machine, but the old models eventually broke down and got replaced by a different kind which I hate. Oh well.

Visiting home

Vegas tell dane
So I`m enjoying my time home, taking it easy for the most part. Done a good deal of awesome shopping in a short amount of time. Got some needed makeup from Clinique since it`s much cheaper in the US, various pairs of panties from Victoria`s Secret, and some clothing and a pair of shoes for super cheap at some discount stores. Summer`s coming so of course some summer clothes that can be spring clothing just by layering up a bit.

Still need some jeans...and black jeans which I may need if I end up working part time in a restaurant or izakaya.

Shopping for close and losing weight...Collapse )

Getting my physical and taking cats to the vet...Collapse )

On Monday some last minute shopping should be doable, so looking forward to that. I might need a soft duffel bag as an additional bag to check since I only brought one back home. Everything should fit, but weight is an issue.


Claymore Noel attack
ポイント 「洋服選びのポイントは、ふんわりやかわいらしさをテーマにがおすすめ」

I feel like giving off a light/airy and cute/sweet image with your clothes is only okay if your personality somehow resembles that sort of thing and/or you normally dress that way, anyway. 全く自分らしくないのはNGだと思う。そのくだらないふんわりで可愛くてかっこで男性にアピールしても、それからずっと続けないとやばいでしょう。自分のために自分を変えるのが別にいいけど、気に入った男性に愛されたいのため自分を変えるはたいていよくないよ。もし本当の自分はある男性に足りないなら、ただのカップルにとって合わない意味だけだ。

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The 合コン event is supposed to be sometime this upcoming month. It`ll be the first time, so my expectations aren`t set too high in regards of finding a guy I like. I expect it to be fun (at least part of the time) and a good learning experience in many ways. ...But I have a sneaking suspicion that the married chic and her buddies are already planning on throwing me under the bus at the drop of a hat.

I remember the last time I ran into her at Olive`s, my face was a little broken out and so I didn`t really bother to use too much makeup. And her and her friends` comment was that I had really nice skin, which really wasn`t the case at that time, IMO. She also told M and me to wait for her friend to arrive because the girl was a real beauty, so we were excited to see her. When she did arrive, I automatically assumed the girl had to be another friend and the pretty one hadn`t arrived yet because the woman was kind of busted--pretty much most of the women in the place were prettier than her supposed-to-be pretty friend. M and I exchanged "WTF?" looks.

So her MO seems to be to draw attention to the flaws by giving false compliments, because it then brings that visual flaw to other people`s attention. Besides that, I can`t even let myself get so-so tipsy, because I need to be alert and police myself, just in case some women do get catty. Drinking would help take the edge off, but I can always wait until after the event to drink without those people.

But I`m really curious to see what guys M scrounges up for this event. Seriously shame on him if clearly none of them are my type, though. He knows better.


Arjuna shot
So Happy New Year, people. This year will surely be better in some aspects. But before that, I want to mostly bitch about some recent things going on leading up to this bright, new year that is so full of potential awesomeness in comparison to this last one:

Little brother visiting and it not being all candy and sunshine having him around...Collapse )

Me bitching about having a hard time finding an doable guy...Collapse )

M says I don`t need to date...WTF?Collapse )

No New Year`s Kiss for me...Collapse )

But on the bright side I...
* Have been successful in avoiding purposely or accidentally becoming the mistress of any married men.
* Haven`t been drugged while out drinking.
* Haven`t really been in a physical fight...well meh.
* Haven`t been kissed by any creepy guys...
* Got New Year hugs from M and W, they`re so nice.
* Got some needed winter clothing.
* Am able to see my brother and hang out a bit with him.
* Have gotten a lot of reading and notes for my paper that`s due in January.
* Got in touch with some people because it`s the holidays and I am on break.
* Reserved a bottle of wine because my birthday is coming up.
* Am going to get my hair dye soon.
* Satisfied with my apartment.
* Can afford food.
....Okay, this list has degraded into being thankful for this and that bull. The point is I don`t believe it`s been all bad recently. Just was venting to get it off my chest and welcome in the new year.

Pretty cool that it`s the year of the dragon. Tiger was cool too, though.

Halloween is coming up!!!

Very excited about Halloween, since I missed dressing up last year. I got the necessary makeup...well, almost all of it. Clinique didn`t fucking have black liquid eyeliner, they only had brown. What the hell. And then I was looking around for red eye makeup that would match the bust area of that one dress should I choose to use it and the woman at the Shiseido shop station gave me directions to another makeup brand on the same floor that has funkier colors. The shop next to it also had funky colors, so I ended up going with Shu Uemura. I got a 4 refillable color case and 4 colors--red, sparkly black, sparkly grey, and sparkly silver. So either dress I go with, the colors will work. I also bought fake lashes after trying to figure out which ones out of well over 40 types (since there were like 5 brands) were the best bang for my buck and okay quality. The glue part was easy...went with clear glue that will dissolve with warm soapy water. But I still need black liquid eyeliner. I have like the normal pencil version; however, after watching a handful of tutorials on how to easily apply fake lashes and reading up on it online, using some liquid back eyeliner after the lashes have been put on seems like a good idea. So the eyeliner will be bought at the department store after the gym tomorrow night.

I just made pasta sauce from scratch which I haven`t done in a long time. It`s got stuff like garlic, onions, basil, ham, and sausage in it along with some other spices. I haven`t made pasta sauce in a while and it`s kind of a temptation. I want to eat it, but I made at least half of it for M. Tomorrow after the gym, I`m going to make the pannini-like sandwiches he likes so much and pasta as a thank you for Saturday night. M had invited me to go out drinking and he kept his promise, despite not getting finished with work until almost 4am, we went out drinking for 2 hours. It was really sweet of him and I had a lot of fun, though I was pretty messed up by the time he was able to meet up with me.

Drinking with S until I can go drink with M...Collapse )

At Olive`s...Collapse )

More bar hopping...Collapse )

Finally meeting up with M...Collapse )

So as a thank you, after the gym, I will whip up the pasta and grilled sandwich and bring it to him at Olive`s. And then I will go over to Pho-Mex to show Yu and Ri the two dresses and perhaps try on the false lashes. I might try the lashes on Wednesday on my own at home. I am going to try to be secretive about the dresses tomorrow night, because I don`t want M asking to see me in them. Without a witch hat and eye makeup, it`s just hooker wear really.
Claymore Noel attack
First of all, I passed the transfer exam. So next semester I`ll be entering in as a 3rd year student. I have to figure out which seminar I want to take and the classes sometime in the near future. Yay.

However, the way I found out was so anticlimactic. My 日本事情 class professor happens to be in the same department as I`ve wanted to get in, so he knew the results. He asked me about it and I told him that I had to wait for the registered mail to arrive at my apartment to receive it in person from 5-7pm that day. And he was like, "Oh well, you passed so you don`t need to worry about waiting for the results." Then he told me about how he`d like for me to help prep a bunch of kids for an English speech contest, etc. ...Yeah, I figured that`d happen as soon it was pretty much a given that I was getting into school as a regular student. Teachers are going to be expecting me to volunteer some of my time, but I can`t blame them since there aren`t many Westerners at school. Fortunately, I can get some good experience through those activities.

After school I ran by Pho-Mex and Olive`s to tell them I passed and that E and Fujo would be in Thursday or Friday. Then I ran home to wait for the letter and it took forever. After receiving the letter, I was going to book it to the gym, because I was supposed to meet up with E and Fujo.

E changing plans last minute to meet at Olive`s later that night...Collapse )

E and Gumi trying to play matchmaker...Collapse )

E and Fujo...Collapse )

Not my birthday but M played the Happy B-day song for me...Collapse )

Dicking around...Collapse )

Verifying Saturday night drinking with M in front of other people, woops...Collapse )

M asked if I was still coming Friday night, which I am. I finally left, leaving M, W, and Tai. I`m kind of wonder if W and Tai grilled M about Saturday night.

Speaking of Friday, I am taking a classmate and 3 of her friends from C class to Olive`s and Pho-Mex because my class mate asked if we could be friends and spend time together so she could improve her Japanese. Our teacher suggested it, because she wants me to introduce her to Japanese people so she can make friends and practice speaking more. The thing is, I thought it was just her and one of her friends at the most, now it`s 4 of them. So we can`t sit at the counter and they won`t be able to chat with people so much. But I had W pencil in a reservation under his suggestion because it will be Friday night. Before that I`ll hit the gym.


So I had to meet E after school to borrow some money the other day and was going to Pho-Mex to hang out with Ri and Yu as I waited for E. As I was walking by, M shouted my name really loud and it scared the begeezus out of me. I yelped and he was laughing so hard. I was just like, "I hate you," and proceeded onto Pho-Mex to find that it was closed. M had been standing outside the restaurant, watching. He reminded me that Pho-Mex is closed on Mondays. So I went into Olive`s.

M was the only one working there besides the people who`re always hidden in the kitchen. So it was chat time. We chat about so much crap, it`s hard to keep track of when which topic was discussed.

Bar talk...Collapse )

So M wants to change his セルフイメージ...Collapse )

On the subject of dating...Collapse )

According to some silly Japanese iPhone personality quizes, I`m 77% M and 12% S...Collapse )

Customer trying to play matchmaker...Collapse )

The customer went to the bathroom and went to go linger by me at the counter. He asked where I was and all that jazz and then it just went hilarious and awkward at the same time:

Customer: Don`t you think the manager is cool?
Me: Eh, um, sure...
Custer: Not "um sure"... what kind of response is that? He`s cool, isn`t he?
Me: Yes, okay, okay, he`s cool.
Customer: Right. [to M] How old are you?
M: 30
Customer: [To me] How old are you?
Me: 26.
Customer: There, see? [to M] you should take her out. [to me] You like to go see movies right? [to M] Take her to a movie. [to me] You`ll go with him to see a movie, right?
Me: [me to M] He reminds me of my mom...

Saved by a call from my actual mother...Collapse )

K and Rika...Collapse )

Running into Yu, Ri, Iko, Ki, and people...Collapse )

Ugh, but then we had to do group photos. However, I`ll never see those pics, so who cares. Yu had M get in the picture, so he went to go stand next to me, all pressed up on my side. He took the large empty whine bottle and made a pose as if he was going to hit me over the head with it...which was very random for a group b-day pic, whatever.

Oh and the generic cookie with the fortune was a 大吉 with a 500円割引 for some dish and M was all like, "Haha, no way..." as in he wasn`t going to recognize it should I try to use it and I made a "WTF" face. He was laughing at me being miffed. Yeah, he totally likes to tease people. つまり、MはS(サド)よりM(マド)でしょう。

So I said bye to the group since I had class and walked home.

Looking forward to Halloweenよ

La Catrina
Still totally going as a sexy witch for Halloween. Sure it`s easy, but I have so many cocktail dresses, I should really use one of them. I am torn between a black strapless mini with a triangular patch of black sequins or a red and mostly black dress with straps. I think the all black one is a smidge shorter, but the black and red one is a little more see-through so you can totally see the space in between my thighs and whatnot. If I do the red, I can do red, silver, grey, and black eye makeup. If I go all black, the makeup will just be black, grey, and silver. Buy I`m totally going to wear false lashes.

Ran into T again...Collapse )

According to T being good at making cocktails is a must when it comes to potential boyfriends...WTFCollapse )

T, M, W and people want me to come to Olive`s all dolled up for the heck of it. Yeah, I wasn`t keen on the idea because I don`t want to go out of my way to be 目立つ but then I do want to use my dresses. Maybe I should just for the sake of wearing them??? I always dress casually, which is super casual for women according to J standards. I don`t know.


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